Welcome to Maglaunch!


Welcome to Maglaunch, the group producing a Magnetic Launch system to achieve low cost access to space, using Star Tram technology!

We're looking for engineers, technicians and researchers to help make this dream a reality. Using the Maglaunch system, accredited by Sandia National Laboratories, we will be able to launch 300,000 tons of cargo into orbit for less than $40 per kilogram. Right now, it costs $10,000 per kilogram, which is a major hurdle for the development of space.


Maglaunch uses existing maglev technology, such as Maglev trains in Japan and China, and basic physics. For more technical information, please visit the documentation section.

The aim for Maglaunch is to keep it as international as possible, holding first and foremost that the dream of space exploration belongs to all of mankind, rather than one nation or special interest groups.

If you believe in this vision, we want to talk with you. If you have engineering skills, web skills, or people skills, we want to talk with you. We are looking to build a community of committed and focused people who want to push this idea forward. We are also seeking partners for a Generation 0 nanosatellite launcher prototype, contact us today to find out more at our partners page.

Please join us as we bring you tomorrow, today!

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Papers and Research

Here you can find the technical documents, research papers, downloadable images and resources for the Maglaunch project, including the latest information on the technical progress of the project.


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We are looking for passionate, committed people who believe in the idea of reaching space, and are ready to help us build technology, hardware and software needed to make that idea a reality. If you think you can help, please join us!


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